Join the FLYERS team!

We are currently hiring staff to join our FLYERS program.  If you are interested in working in FLYERS Afterschool, simply click the link below to apply.

Why work with FLYERS Afterschool?

Flyers Afterschool is Fort Mill’s premier afterschool program serving all of Fort Mill School District’s elementary schools. We invite talented and passionate individuals to join our team! Come have fun and help us prove the best afterschool experience for the students of Fort Mill.

Benefits Offered

  • No weekend work and part-time scheduling
  • Priority enrollment with 75% rate discount for eligible Fort Mill School District students
  • Training and career advancement opportunities
  • Positively impact the lives of local children

Join the Team

As part of the Leroy Springs & Co. family of brands, FLYERS Afterschool employees are eligible for other
benefits such as free membership to Anne Springs Close Greenway, discounts at the Greenway Gateway and Gateway Canteen, select privileges at all four Springs Golf courses, discounts at Springmaid Mountain and more!

alt=Photo of 9 children gathered around their FLYERS teacher. On the left side of the photo, 1 African American boy wearing glasses and a white t-shirt is smirking at the camera. Next to him sits a boy with tan skin wearing a white and blue shirt. He is grinning at the camera. In front of them, a white boy wearing a red shirt is smiling with his hands framing his chin. The FLYERS teacher is a white woman with long, black hair. She is sitting with her knees to her chest and her arms hugging her legs. She is smiling at the camera. To the right of the teacher, an African American girl is smiling at the camera wearing a black shirt and with one hand in her hair. Next to her, a white boy wearing a blue shirt is looking to the right of him and smiling. An African American boy wearing glasses is smiling beside him. Behind, a white boy sits and is smiling at the camera. In front of them, a white girl wearing glasses is smiling at the camera with her hair braided to the side.