FLYERS Welcome

FLYERS Afterschool Staff

alt=Banner with the FLYERS Afterschool Program logo placed in the top left hand corner against a teal blue background. A white cloud is overlapping the blue in the bottom right hand corner. 4 stars are placed across the blue, with 2 stars colored white and 2 stars colored yellow. Individual photos of 3 women are featured in the banner: a young, African American woman is featured in the bottom left corner wearing a navy blue ‘FLYERS’ shirt with her brown hair tied up in a bun and she is smiling at the camera. In the middle of the banner, a photo of a white woman with blonde hair wearing a navy blue ‘FLYERS’ shirt is smiling at the camera. On the far right of the banner, a white woman with brown hair is pictured wearing a blue ‘FLYERS’ shirt and smiling at the camera. Below, text reads “FLYERS welcomes students to another great year of fun!”