Terms and Conditions of the Anne Springs Close Greenway

In consideration for Leroy Springs & Company (“LSC”) allowing me and the additional member(s) living in my household set forth in this Application to use the Anne Springs Close Greenway and other properties and/or facilities of LSC (collectively, the “Greenway”), I hereby acknowledge and agree (a) that my / our use of the Greenway constitutes an “Activity” as defined in the Assumption of Risk, Waiver, Release and Indemnity Terms attached hereto or included on the reverse side of this Application (together with this Application, the “Agreement”), (b) that I / we are bound by, and hereby agree to, all of the covenants, releases, waivers, terms and conditions of the Agreement, (c) to comply with any rules adopted by LSC from time to time governing use of the Greenway or any other Activity, which rules may be amended by LSC from time to time in its sole discretion (the “Rules”), (d) that I have received and reviewed the current Rules applicable to the Greenway , (e) that LSC may post the Rules on its website, (f) that LSC is not required to deliver a copy of the amended Rules to me, and (g) that I will visit LSC’s website periodically to check for amendments to the Rules. I/We certify that I /We are covered by an insurance program, which will com-pensate for injuries incurred while participating in the Activities. I understand my membership is to remain in effect until cancelled by either party. LSC reserves the right to deny or cancel membership participation. A written notice from me is required at least ten days prior to cancellation of membership. LSC reserves the right to cancel membership without refund at any time.

I hereby grant permission, without reservation, to Leroy Springs & Co. the unqualified right and permission to take and to use photographs and/or sound image/recordings of me or that of a child of whom I am the legal guardian, and to describe, same for the promotion of announcing, advertising and marketing the activities of Leroy Springs & Co. I fully understand that no monetary payment will be made to me for such uses as described above. I release Leroy Springs & Co., its officers, directors, agents, employees, volunteers, licensees, assignees, successors and those acting upon their authority, from all claims which I may have, or might have, for any cause of action arising out of the taking and/or use of the photographs and/or sound/image recordings.